Which Hand Do You Wear The Golf Glove On?

Man wearing a golf glove

Wearing a golf glove isn’t essential, but if you’re looking for something to improve your grip on the club, we’d recommend trying one. This is something that’s true of most golf clothing and apparel. For beginners, golf gloves can be a bit confusing, especially when it comes to understanding which hand you should wear one on.

Which Hand do You Wear a Golf Glove On?

Golf gloves should be worn on your top hand, or the hand closest to your body when you’re gripping the club. If you’re a right-handed golfer this means a glove is worn on your left hand, for left-handed golfers it should be worn on your right hand.

How Should a Golf Glove Fit?

A well fitted golf glove

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Your golf glove should be nice and tight, to the point it feels like an extra layer of skin rather than a glove. It’s vital your glove is skin tight, as any give means you could lose grip of the club during your shots. Your fingers should have no slack at the end of them, even if you find a tiny bit of overlap try going down a size.

Players who are new to the game can get confused as a well-fitted golf club can feel a little unnatural to start with. The strap shouldn’t go all the way across, leaving roughly 20% of the velcro patch on show as shown above.