What is the Appropriate Golf Course Attire?

A golfer wearing the appropriate golf attire.

Embracing the dress code of golf is critical in ensuring you comply with etiquette, as well as preventing you from looking foolish. If you’re new to golf, the last thing you want is to do is stand out for the wrong reasons. As a beginner, poor technical ability isn’t shameful, and something everyone who is new to golf experiences. On the other hand, dressing outside the clubs specific dress code can be perceived as disrespectful but is so easily avoidable.

Dressing incorrectly doesn’t just mean you look out of place, it can also lead to your game being cut short as you might get asked to leave the course. Luckily, if you’ve found your way here you’ve taken the first step in understanding appropriate golf course attire.

What is the Appropriate Golf Course Attire?

As part of this article, we’ve made a recommendation for what you should wear and what you shouldn’t wear on the golf course. We carefully formulated our below recommendation based on dress codes for the golf clubs listed below (click any of the links to see that specific golf clubs dress code).

We’d recommend wearing the following golf attire:

You Should Never Wear:

Although there are rough guidelines, there’s no universal dress code. Individual golf clubs have their own sets of specific rules and the above recommendation won’t be the same for every course you play. We’ve tried to “play it safe” with our suggestion and are confident you shouldn’t have much trouble wearing what we suggested on most courses.

Always check the clubs website or make a phone call before your visit. 

Shorts are a good example of golf apparel that can vary depending on where you play. Some clubs allow your shorts to be a maximum of 1 inch above the knee, whereas others will be slightly more lenient. Shoes are another area, some clubs have strict rules on specific types of spikes that aren’t permitted. You’re always best off checking a clubs dress code in advance.


Dressing appropriately for golf really isn’t that difficult. If you can get your hands on a collared t-shirt, some tailored trousers and a pair of golf shoes you’re good to go. Remember, always check in advance on the clubs website for more specific dress code requirements.