Are Golf Shoes Required to Play Golf?

pair of golf shoes

Getting into golf can be daunting, not only is there a variety of new skills to pick up you’ll also be required to spend money on equipment. Just like footwear for other sports, the best golf shoes can be quite pricey. Lots of people you see at your local pitch and putt would wear regular sneakers, while the pros all wear golf shoes.

So, are golf shoes required to play golf? The simple answer to this question is no; they’re not essential by any means. That said, be sure to check your golf clubs website or contact them to find out what their dress code is. Some stricter clubs will require the use of golf shoes out on the course.

Why Do People Wear Golf Shoes?

More often than not, golf shoes won’t be required to play a round of golf. That said, they are designed to enhance a golfers performance on the course. They provide additional grip and stability that aren’t apparent with most general types of sneakers. Regular shoes aren’t designed with golf in mind; they’re better suited to general everyday use.

Golf is a sport with plenty of variables. If you wear unsuitable footwear, you’ll often find that your feet slip or wobble as you play a shot, making it even more difficult.

This type of movement in your foot positioning can be detrimental for your chances of playing a good shot. You’ll often see golf shoes are made from thick materials to provide ankle support, with spiked grips on the bottom to help root your feet to the floor.

The Risks of Playing Without Golf Shoes

As we’ve mentioned, by wearing shoes that are not designed for golf, you sacrifice stability. This isn’t hugely problematic in terms of risk for close range shots, losing your footing might mean your shot suffers slightly, but nothing more than that. However, the nature of the game involves high-intensity movements such as trying to achieve maximum club speed when using a driver.

A golf driver shot

Less stability with more powerful movements means more than just your shot quality is at risk. A survey showed 46.2% of golfers had encountered an injury during the golf swing. Although this cannot be attributed to their footwear, it goes to show that injury is likely to occur during your swing.


Generally speaking, golf shoes aren’t required to play golf. That said, it’s always advisable to check with a golf club beforehand so you can come prepared.

Although golf shoes aren’t essential, we’d recommend investing in some if golf is a sport you’re planning on playing long term. Much like all golf clothing and apparel, golf shoes can undoubtedly benefit your game, given the increased amount of stability behind each of your shots.

The golf swing is a part of the game that you’re most susceptible to an injury. Given the fact you’ll repeat your swing thousands of times, it can’t hurt to be as stable as possible while doing so.