Golf Balls & Accessories

If you’re looking for golf balls or accessories, you’re in the right place. We take a look at a variety of golf balls, the science behind them as well as some excellent accessories that help make golf more efficient and enjoyable.

Picture of a Titleist Golf Ball.

The Best Golf Balls

The golf ball, is perhaps the most fundamental piece of golf equipment; we take a look at some of the best golf balls available to date.

Best Golf Ball Extension Retrievers

The Best Golf Ball Retrievers

We take a look at the best golf ball retrievers available today and what considerations you should make when purchasing one.

How High to Tee a Golf Ball

As simple as teeing a ball is, doing it incorrectly can have a significant impact on the output of your shot. We look at how high to tee a golf ball.

Golf Balls & Accessories

The entire game of golf is based around getting the ball into a hole, in as little shots as possible. Once made of wood, golf balls are a lot more technologically advanced than they once were. Not only are the balls themselves a lot more advanced, the accessories associated with golf are becoming a lot more sophisticated. In this section of the site, we explore everything related to golf balls and accessories.

Golf Balls

Golf balls are probably the most important piece of equipment you'd take with you on a golf course. If you run out of balls, it's literally game over. That said, investing in good golf balls are likely to improve your game and reduce the chances of you losing them.

Golf Ball Retrievers

Losing golf balls is never great, especially given how expensive they've become. As the price of golf balls rises, so does the popularity of golf ball retrievers. Given that the best golf ball retrievers can last a literal lifetime and save you a tonne of money in lost golf balls, it's no wonder so many people are making the investment.