Golf Clothing & Apparel

Golf is known for having quite a strict dress code. Whether you’re new to the game or have played for years this section of the site will bring you all the latest on golfing apparel. Whether you’re looking for shoes or golf shirts, we should have you covered below.

Golfing With Best Golf Sunglasses

The Best Golf Sunglasses

Do you know what color lens tint works best on a golf course? Join us as we look through the best golf sunglasses for UV protection and color sharpness.

a golf club being used during a swing.

The Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Golf gloves are excellent tools for improving your grip and stability during your swing. We've rounded up some of the best golf gloves available to date, as well as a fitting guide.

A golfer wearing the appropriate golf attire.

What is the Appropriate Golf Course Attire?

Embracing the dress code of golf is critical in ensuring you comply with etiquette, as well as preventing you from looking foolish. We take a look at appropriate golf course attire.

Picture of some golf shoes being used.

The Best Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are an excellent way to give you more comfort and traction when you're out on the course. In this article, we explore some of the best golf shoes around.

pair of golf shoes

Are Golf Shoes Required to Play Golf?

If you're new to golf you need to understand the essential equipment from the optional. In this article we explore whether you need golf shoes and why they're used.

Golf Clothing & Apparel

Golf clothing and apparel aren't just designed to look nice. They can enhance your game, keep you dry and allow you to comply with the rules of the game. Below we take a look at some key items of clothing associated with golf:

Golf Shoes

When you're out on the course it's important your feet are as comfortable and have as much traction as possible. Golf shoes are a great way to add stability to your game and help you feel more comfortable playing your way out of trouble in all terrains.

Golf Hats for Sun Protection

When you're playing on a sunny day, it's not just suncream that can help to protect you from the sun. We'd recommend you invest in a golf hat for sun protection. After all, you spend vasts amount of time out on the course and in the hot sun, you need as much protection as you can get.

Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are great for adding extra stability and grip to your golf swing. If you feel that you struggle with gripping the club during your swing, and that it could slip then a golf glove might well benefit you. They're generally reasonably priced and if you don't know where to start, we've rounded up some of the best golf gloves around.

Golf Sunglasses and Eyewear

A day on the course in direct sunlight is not only uncomfortable without appropriate golfing eyewear, but also pretty harmful in terms of UV exposure. With a pair of top golf sunglasses, you reduce the UV exposure almost completely while sharpening the contrast of colors crucial to golf. Dark lens tints with polarized lenses tend to work best, and you can find sunglasses made especially for golfers with layered tints that bring out the green of the course while dimming the harsh blues of the sky above.