The Best Golf Travel Bags

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If a golfing holiday is beckoning for the first time, you may be wondering how to get your golf clubs safely from A to B. Regardless of the method of travel, safe arrival with zero damage is your aim. Bent clubs and damaged gear aren’t going to start your trip in the best way.

While you could rent some clubs, it’s easier and more sensible to invest in a golf travel bag. There are plenty to choose from, but we’re about to make your life easier by highlighting the best ones on the market right now.

Best Golf Travel Bags

After considerable research, we’ve arrived at this selection of the best travel golf bags we can find. There are models to cover all requirements and budgets, giving you a good overview of what is available today. Together with our guide on the different things to look for with these bags, you should be able to make an informed buying decision you won’t be disappointed with. So, which bags got the green tick from us? Which ones proved worthy over the competition? Let’s find out.

Here’s a list of the 5 best golf travel bags.

CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

This robust travel cover comes with a full bag replacement warranty lasting for one year. This gives you confidence in the bag and in the manufacturer’s belief in its quality. If your bag is damaged by an airline, the warranty kicks in.

The bag includes skate wheels (in-line) and sizeable side compartments for added storage during travel. Each compartment features two zippers so that they can be locked together for added security.

The Golf Constrictor gets its name thanks to the compression straps that hold your golf bag and clubs safely in position inside the travel cover. This design also gives you external straps for even greater security. Add the heavy padding on top of the bag, and you can see all your golf clubs are going to be safe and sound during the journey.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

If weight is an issue while getting your golf clubs from A to B, this ClubGlider Meridian bag is just the thing for you. It features two sets of wheels, with one set securely fitted to the bottom of the bag. A second leg mechanism then extends out from the bag, so the ClubGlider can be left in a leaning position without fear of it falling over. The wheels on this part of the bag are casters, allowing you to turn it on the spot without any effort.

This means it is easy to move around and easy to get into your bag should you need to. The heavy-duty zips also go from tip to toe, so you won’t find yourself struggling to get your golf bag in or out of the case.

The final touch is a set of straps inside the case that keep your golf bag safely in position. The top of the bag also boasts additional foam padding to ensure the heads of your clubs are well protected during travel.

CaddyDaddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Bag Travel Cover

Another one to consider from the CaddyDaddy range, this CDX-10 travel cover provides hard-wearing and supreme performance. The main zip runs the full length of the bag, providing a large opening to slot your golf bag into. All zips, from the main one through to the added storage compartments are doubled up, so you can lock them all with secure travel locks (not included).

The in-line skate-style wheels make it easy to maneuver the bag around. Furthermore, your clubs won’t move around when you do so, as there are internal and external straps to help keep the load stable.

As you’d expect from a CaddyDaddy product, you get the peace of mind of additional padding inside the head of the bag. This provides a safe haven for your clubs to avoid damage to the heads.

Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag

If you are searching for a more affordable option, we believe this Athletico padded golf travel bag is the best one available. Made of 600D polyester, the entire bag has 5mm of padding throughout to protect your clubs.

There are no wheels with this bag, which has been designed to be carried. As such, there are robust carry handles that can be attached together, so they don’t come apart. You also get a large padded shoulder strap if you’d rather carry it that way. This can be detached using convenient hooks.

The double zips mean they are easy to lock together in seconds with a small lock (not included). The base of the bag is toughened further with a vinyl finish and some protective feet. For a cheaper travel golf bag, this Athletico model is the perfect solution.

Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

If you decide on a hard case, this Samsonite travel case is just the thing. Backed by the famous brand name, the case boasts a solid ABS shell designed to take all the knocks the airport can throw at it.

The interior of the bag is padded with a quilted finish. Furthermore, extra foam has been built into the top of the bag, providing that essential protection for the head of each of your clubs.

You’ll also have complete control over this bag, thanks to the mix of six wheels provided. Four are castor wheels while the other two are in-line skate-style wheels, offering the ultimate in maneuverability. Compression straps are built into the case to secure your golf clubs in their bag, and it is big enough to accommodate many sizes of golf bags and clubs. The impressive design is completed with a handle on the long side and on top.

Choosing and Using a Golf Travel Bag

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A golf travel bag is essential if you are going anywhere other than your local club. If you are planning on taking your clubs with you by train, plane, or automobile, you’re going to need to protect them on the journey.

Here, we go into all the elements you need to think about before you buy your bag. Once you’ve got the main features straight, you’ll be able to make an educated choice on the best travel bag for your clubs.

Do you need a travel bag or a travel cover?

It’s worth starting with this because you may assume your existing golf bag is just fine to travel with. While you can take it with you, you’ll need to make sure all the components are safely locked away. You can’t turn up at the airport with a regular set of golf clubs in a regular bag.

So, here are your options:

A golf bag robust enough to carry everything in and withstand the rigors of travel
A travel cover designed to go over your existing set of clubs in their bag

Some people prefer one over the other. However, before you decide which one you prefer, let’s see what else you might want to think about.

Would you prefer a hard case?

Some cases are made with a hard exterior – a hard shell you can knock-on. These give greater protection than soft cases. However, they are also heavier and bulkier. They’re likely better for plane travel and for those who regularly travel to golf courses around the country or worldwide.

Cost may also be a factor when choosing a case. Hard shell ones are going to cost more for the extra protection. You could say you’re paying for peace of mind, though. If you frequently travel with your clubs, it’s worth investing in a hard-shell case.

What should you expect from a soft bag?

If you are thinking about a soft bag for a cheaper option, try and look for one that is made from robust materials. Even though it has a soft cover by nature, this type of golf travel bag should still be tough enough to withstand knocks and bangs. A heavy-duty material should not wear or break down after several uses.

These bags are often black to stand up to dirt and stains, while they should also include lots of padding. The absence of a hard shell means the case needs something else to protect the clubs within. Typically, this means ample padding is included inside. Look out for extra padding in the top, as this is where the golf club heads are going to be.

Another plus point for a soft golf travel bag is that you can flatten it out and fold it away for easy storage when you’re not using it. You can’t do that with a hard case.

Would you benefit from a hybrid design for use at home and away?

A hybrid is so-called because it combines a regular golf bag with a separate cover to use for travel. The good thing about this option is that you know the cover is designed to fit that bag to a tee (forgive the golfing pun). If you are looking to replace your existing golf bag or you’re thinking of doing so soon, this could be a good time to do it and get a cover in one hit.

Are wheels important?

We think so, yes. In fact, we’d wager this is the most important feature following the quality of the bag or cover you select. Golf bags come with wheels, so you can maneuver them around the course. Throw on a cover or a hard shell over that, and they get heavier still.

Wheels alone aren’t indicative of a good bag, though. The wheels should be robust and chunky enough to work well during use. You don’t want a bag with wheels where one or more come off on the second or third time of using them. Looking at online reviews for the bags gives you a chance to see which fare better in this area.

Does weight matter?

It does if you want to take your clubs on a plane. It matters less if you are traveling by car or van, although if you are carrying other items, you’ll need to be aware of the overall load.

The bottom line is to check baggage limitations and requirements for golf bags if you are traveling by air, sea, or train. Don’t assume one airline, carrier, or travel company has identical rules to another either. Hard cases are going to be heavier than soft ones, so this might be another factor to consider if you don’t want to pay more to take your clubs with you.

Storage options

So far, we’ve covered the importance of safely stowing your clubs away inside the bag. But what about other items? You might want to pack your golf shoes with your clubs rather than relegating them to a suitcase, for example.

Soft bags are more likely to come with exterior zipped pockets. Hard cases are unlikely to provide you with any more storage than you’ve already got. You won’t want anything loose knocking around inside the case, even if you have room for a few things.

Will your golf bag and clubs be secure inside your chosen case?

Even if your clubs are protected by a robust case, they could still suffer damage if they are not held securely inside it. That’s why a good fit is necessary. You don’t want it to be a squeeze, but equally, you don’t want the interior of your case to be too roomy.

Some hard shells have compression straps included inside them. You position your bag inside and then use the straps to hold the bag in place. It’s worth looking for a case that has such straps if you’re going to opt for this type of travel bag.


Choosing the perfect travel bag for golf clubs isn’t easy. However, it’s worth putting in the effort to find out what you need and want from your travel bag before parting with any cash. As we’ve seen here, there are several notable options available. That diversity is great to see, as it guarantees you’re going to find something that will work for you while traveling. If you understand what you want and what’s available, you can speedily reduce your options to discover the ideal bag to provide the protection you want.