The Best Driver Shafts

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Every golfer wants to improve their swing. You might think that depends on natural talent, practice, and even weather conditions. Yet it also depends on the type of driver shaft you’re using. Yep, you could improve your swing simply by changing your driver shaft.

If we’ve caught your attention, stay with us. We’re going to steer you through a selection of the best driver shafts on the market. We’re also going to discover how to choose which shaft to invest your money in – because it is an investment. Stay here and you’ll know how to make a smart investment in your golf swing.

The Best Driver Shafts

There are many elements to consider when you are trying to choose your ideal driver shaft. The more you know about the composition, length, and weight of each shaft, the easier it’s going to be to pick the best option for your own needs. We’ll cover all those details shortly.

Meanwhile, we’ve selected five of the leading shafts on the market today. They represent a range of features and benefits, so your next ideal driver shaft could be hiding in plain sight right here. They all look good, but what else can they offer you when it comes to improved golfing skills?

Here’s a list of the 5 best driver shafts available to date.

Project X PXV R-Flex Driver Shaft

If your preference is for a graphite shaft, this Project X driver shaft should fit the bill. It is designed to suit the TaylorMade R9, R11, or R11S driver, so if you already have one of those, this is the ideal replacement. It comes with a TaylorMade R9/R11/R11S shaft adapter to guarantee a good fit.

One of the perks about this driver shaft is that it takes seconds to fit once you get it out of the box. No hassle, no troublesome fitting procedures, just an easy replacement in seconds. While the shaft does not come with a wrench, it does have a Tour Velvet rubber grip. This is comfortable to hold and manage, leaving you to focus on improving your play.

A 60-gram weight is offered here, with a mid-bend flex to suit many golfers looking for greater drive.

Project X HZRDUS Yellow 6.5 76g Driver/Fairway Shaft X-Stiff Flex

You won’t lose this great replacement driver shaft in a hurry. Made in cool black with bright yellow HZRDUS lettering, it stands out well. The back-weighted driver allows for faster ball speed and is ideal for players wanting to reduce the amount of spin the ball takes.

One notable feature of the Project X HZRDUS yellow driver shaft is its price. You can save a lot by investing in the basic shaft, which comes with no grip or adapter. This makes the product a smart choice if you want to personalize your driver to suit your specific needs and desires. Choose the right grip elsewhere and purchase a separate adapter to suit whatever you currently have.

Other purchasers have confirmed this shaft assists with balls heading further down the fairway in use. It’s also easier to hit straighter shots with this impressively styled driver shaft.

Grafalloy Prolaunch Platinum Regular Flex Driver Shaft

The Grafalloy Prolaunch Platinum is a great option to consider if you want a driver shaft with regular flex, rather than offering too much or too little. It provides a well-balanced option with a cool design you’ll be proud to show off on the course.

This is suited as a replacement for an M1, M2, SLDR, R1, R15, Jetspeed, or Stage 2 driver shaft. It comes with an adapter and is fitted with a Karma velvet grip for complete comfort during use. It also comes in longer than some other shafts, measuring 44.24” from end to end.

Replacement is easy, with the shaft ready to be used right out of the box. Detach your old shaft and screw this one in – that’s it. Keep your existing driver head and you simply need a screw and wrench to complete the job if you don’t possess them already.

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft

Fancy something a little brighter for your next driver? If you own a TaylorMade SDLR, M1, M2, or R15 driver, you can replace the shaft with this Fujikura Visa Pro 60 model. Finished in a bright red and black color scheme with sparkling silver detailing, you’ll be easy to spot on the course!

The graphite shaft is perfect for beginners, offering a much lighter and more manageable weight to handle. It’s also worth considering if you prefer a specific grip, as none is provided. This leaves you free to add your own once the shaft is installed. This takes a matter of moments to do, as it simply screws into the clubhead once out of the box.

The driver shaft is a cost-effective and practical solution if you want a better shaft for your existing TaylorMade driver.

New Aldila NVS 65 Graphite Driver Shaft Stiff Flex .335

Finished in a gorgeous golden shade, this Aldila NVS 65 driver shaft delivers the goods for a very reasonable price. Think of this as the new and improved version of the original and much respected NV shaft. It has been designed to offer superior performance with every shot, and a great feel in your hands too. The tip has been redesigned to ensure your ball flies higher than before. The better angle makes it easier to take more confident shots up the fairway.

As for fitting, the Aldila NVS has been designed to suit an impressive range of drivers. You may require an adapter to suit the head of your existing driver. It’s also a pure driver shaft, with no grip provided. This makes it far easier to get the benefits of a high-quality driver while not settling for a basic or unwanted grip.

Guide to Buying Driver Shafts

a golfer using a driver off the tee

If you step inside a golfing shop or view some golf driver shafts online, they’re all going to look much the same. You would be forgiven for choosing the one that looks nicest or has your favorite color included in the design.

Yet there is far more to these shafts than meets the untrained eye. Don’t let that deter you though – we are about to train your eye and provide you with the knowledge you need to select a new driver shaft to improve your golf game.

What should you get out of the ideal driver shaft?

The difference between an average driver shaft and an excellent one is more significant than you might think. Here are some of the advantages you can look forward to when you find the right one for you:

Other aspects to look for in a new driver shaft

We’ve seen the potential improvements you can make when you invest in a new shaft. However, there are practical considerations to think about too, such as:

There are two ways to approach your purchase

The route you take is likely to depend on whether you already have a driver or not. Many golfers look to replace their existing shaft for a new one, keeping the hosel, ferrule, and club head they already use. Alternatively, you could invest in a whole new club. This is the better option if you’re new to golf and you don’t own any clubs. However, if you’re happy with the club head, it’s often better just to replace the shaft.

Another reason for choosing a shaft replacement is that it can save you a lot of money. It’s possible to save at least 50% on the price of a whole new club just by replacing the driver shaft. Now you know that little trick, let’s press on.

Which material is best?

There are three types of golf driver shafts on the market today:

  1. Graphite shafts – lighter and easier for beginners to handle
  2. Steel shafts – heavier than their graphite counterparts, preferred by many golf pros, and available in stainless and carbon steel options
  3. Composite shafts – this means the shaft is made from two or more materials. Think of this as a marriage between options one and two. It generally has the stability and strength of a steel shaft with the convenience of a graphite tip.

Steel shafts are often cheaper than the graphite ones and they can last longer too. That’s two advantages in one, yet the graphite shafts are still often the shaft material of choice for newbie golfers and those gaining experience. So, it is also worth thinking about where you are in your golfing life. Do you want a lighter shaft, something heavier, or perhaps something between the two?

Choosing the shaft that works for you

By now, you’ve probably realized there are all kinds of driver shafts out there. This is one marketplace with dozens of available options to choose from. You’ve got to think about length, weight, material, flex, and what you want to achieve from a new driver shaft. Chances are you already have an idea of how you’d like to improve your game. For some, it’s a case of wanting to drive the ball further down the fairway. For others, it’s a case of finding the shaft that enables them to hit the ball onto the fairway more often than the rough.

It’s always worth taking your time over any purchase before parting with your cash. That certainly holds true for a new driver shaft. The best driver shaft on the market for you may not be the best one for your golfing buddies either. Understanding why a certain shaft is going to produce better results for you compared to your golfing partner is very important. This is one purchase where someone else’s recommendation doesn’t count for everything. What works for them may not work for you.

The good news is you now have all the tools you need to find your ideal driver shaft to improve your golf game. Just what you want, we’re guessing.


Discovering some of the best makes, models, and options on the market today is half the battle. When you know what your own ideal driver shaft should look like, you can more easily narrow the options. Some brands have produced excellent quality shafts designed to give supreme results. Your golf game could improve by leaps and bounds once you know what to look for in your new driver shaft. Consider all the elements in the above guide and you won’t go far wrong. Tick off the ones that don’t suit your requirements and then make your sele