The Best Golf Tees

Best Golf Tee

Using the right tee for the shot you want to play is key to striking it well. We round-up some of the best golf tees around.

Of all the equipment you could buy to help improve your golf game, golf tees are probably the last thing you’d think about. They are a vital component of play, of course, but are they anything more than a place to put your ball before you take your first swing off the tee?

We are about to prove they are indeed very important. Before you buy your next set of tees, read our reviews of the best ones out there today. We’ve covered everything you need to know, so your golf tee research ends here.

The Best Golf Tees

We’ve selected five of the best golf tee designs on the market today. Whatever your preferences or needs on the course, we’ve got something that is sure to help you take a more confident and accurate swing. Longer-lasting, innovatively designed, and versatile tees are the only ones that have made it into our collection.

You’ll also find these tees are very highly rated, giving you more information and guidance to help you pick the right ones for you. Our top picks combined with our in-depth guide will help you make the ideal choice.

Here’s a list of 5 of the best golf tees available to date.

4 More Yards Plastic Golf Tees

Durability is important if you want to get through fewer golf tees and reduce your impact on the environment. Each of these 3 1/4in plastic tees from 4 Yards More has been tested to last for 100+ drives. They have passed field tests and robotic tests, so you can be certain they deliver on their promises.

You’ll notice the design uses six prongs to sit the ball on, rather than having the entire ball touching a curved surface. This reduces the amount of resistance you encounter when striking the ball, giving you a greater point of contact too. This tee is ideal if you use a driver to begin each hole, as it is designed to work best with this club. Four tees are included in the pack, so the potential is there to play through 400+ drives before you need to replace them.

CHAMP Zarma FLYtee Neon Mixed

Neon tees aren’t going to be misplaced in a hurry. This smart pack of CHAMP FLYtees provides you with 30 tees in a mix of neon orange, pink, and green. Each tee measures 2 ¾in or 6.9cm and the design has been approved by USGA and R&A.

The design is based on a shallow cup and six prongs for the head. The ribbed design allows for greater durability and resistance throughout the life of each tee. The design also reduces the amount of friction produced, along with offering far less spin on each ball. So, if you want longer drives that don’t stray to either side of the course, the CHAMP Zarma FLYtee could aid you in achieving your aims.

The ridged design also makes it far easier to drive these tees into the ground before you begin. Once you’ve popped these into your golf bag, you won’t want to be without them.

Pride Professional Tee System Plastic Golf Tees

This mixed pack of professional golf tees is the ideal purchase if you are looking for tees of different sizes. The pack contains 10 tees measuring 1.5in long and a further 30 tees measuring 3 ¼in long. Each tee also has a coloured bar, indicating at a glance how long the tee is, saving you time and hassle on the course. The main portion of each tee is white.

The tees are plastic and designed to give a long life. They’re also environmentally friendly, providing further peace of mind. As for helping with your golf game, this tee has the stamp of approval of the PGA Tour. This is the number one tee of choice on the tour, offering an aerodynamic design, increased stability, and the chance to hit longer drives. For versatility, you cannot beat the Pride Professional Tee System pack provided here.

Martini Golf Durable Plastic Tees

This Martini tee is available in eight separate colours and as a mixed pack if you’d rather use something different each time. The pack of five golf tees provides you with a durable plastic solution to teeing off on the course. Looks may be deceiving here, as the tees are made from a blend of polymer and resin. This means it is virtually impossible to break them (and the reason why you get just five tees in an affordable and convenient pack size).

Each tee has a large cup, making it easier to tilt the ball as you strike it. You’ll encounter lower resistance and be able to achieve drives that are longer and fly straighter than ever before. With dozens of drives out of every tee in the pack, this affordable solution is highly rated by reviewers. Each tee measures 3 ¼in in length.

Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees

The first thing you’ll notice about these golf tees is that the head of each one has just three prongs to it. That means very little of the ball is going to touch it. This makes it much easier to hit drives that feel pure. Simply position the tee in the ground and make sure one of the three prongs are pointing towards your intended target. Easy to use, convenient to manage, and available in several different pack sizes according to your needs.

There is a bonus inside each pack of Zero Friction Tour tees too, taken from the same range. These tees have an excellent pedigree and have been used to help golfers towards 70+ victories on the PGA Tour. Each tee measures 2 ¾in and is said to add at least five yards per drive.

Guide to Golf Tees

golf tee guide

If you’re keen to add some personality to your golf game, the humble golf tee is the place to do it. You can go for personalised tees, neon tees, basic plastic tees… you name it, the sky is the limit.

Of course, you want your ball to go as far and as true as possible. So, while golf tees do allow for a little personality to follow you onto the fairway, they have a vital role to play too. Not all tees are the same and some are far superior to others. The key is knowing which golf tees are going to aid your performance rather than hindering it.

Hang on – can a golf tee really affect your shot?

Yes, it can. It’s not merely there to look good (although that’s nice as well). Those monogrammed golf tees you spotted online recently may look great, but they probably won’t positively influence your game. If you’d like every drop of help you can get, it makes sense to explore the variations between tees. This should help you select the best one of all for you.

The first shot you take from the box is your tee shot. This is the only one on each hole that allows for the use of the tee. It makes sense, therefore, to be certain you are using the best tee you possibly can. You can be sure the best golfers have experimented with numerous tees to find the one that provides the best support for that all-important first shot. It sets up the rest of the hole, improving your chances of a good score too.

What are golf tees made of?

Three materials tend to crop up more than others:

You might occasionally see rubber tees too. The aim in each case is for the tee to be virtually unbreakable. If it snaps as you hit the ball, two things are likely to occur:

  1. It could affect your shot
  2. You’ll get through far more tees per round than is necessary!

Investing a little more cash in good-quality golf tees is going to pay off, since you won’t need as many of them. There are other aspects to consider when choosing which golf tees to buy too though, so let’s move on to examine those.

Which colour would you like?

This is largely personal choice, but we recommend choosing a colour that is easy to see once you’ve inserted it in the ground. Good looks are important, of course, but brighter colours are easier to see and less frustrating for you over 18 holes. The better the visibility, the less likely it is you’ll forget about it and leave it behind before moving off to take your next shot.

You can buy neon golf tees, white tees, or just about every colour between the two. Avoid green ones for obvious reasons.

How long should a golf tee be?

A golf tee is typically between 6cm and 10cm. Shorter tees are associated with more accurate shots, while longer tees are associated with longer shots. Consider which area you’d rather focus on and buy tees to suit.

The clubs you use when teeing off can also influence your choice. Shorter tees are best suited to drivers, while longer tees give a better start when using an iron. So, thinking about your selected club and the type of shot you’d like to achieve will both help you find the right golf tees.

Are there different types of tee to help your game?

Yes, lots of manufacturers are working hard to create tees to aid golfers in improving their game. Here are the most common alternatives to the standard tee:

Think about where any issues may lie in your game and select the best tee for your golf game from there.

Quality and quantity

These are both important elements to think about. They’re intricately entwined too thanks to the influence each has on the other. The better the quality the fewer tees you’ll need, as each one is going to last longer. So, when you see a small pack size, look at the materials used and the style of each tee. These likely point to whether the tees would last longer or whether you’ve simply found a smaller and cheaper pack size.

We would also recommend you read the reviews for any pack of golf tees you are looking to purchase. They’ll help you get a better idea of what the tees provide and how good they are. You may wish to try a few different tee designs until you find the one that helps support and enhance your golf swing and overall performance.

You can see that some aspects of golf tees are simply down to personal choice, while others can influence your game. If you are a beginner, you may choose a tee today that doesn’t serve you as well this time next year, once your game has improved. It just shows how your golfing skills are only part of the equation.

Learning Teeing Heights

Something beginners often struggle with is teeing the ball correctly. Not everyone realizes the tee should be a different height for different clubs. If you’ve never paid much attention to this, and find your ball shooting sky-high off the tee chances are you could be teeing it up too high.

Some driving ranges come equipped with automated teeing which helps people get to grips with the right teeing heights. Modern technology such as the Power Tee allows you to get perfect tee heights, alignment and tempo at the push of a button, a great tool for any level of golfer who wants to improve their shots off the tee.


There are far more golf tee designs on the market today than many are aware. Now you know what to expect, you can make an informed choice the next time you need to buy some new golf tees. Selecting the right design to help you make the most of your first shot on each hole is vital, as we now know. So, whether you want neon or white or something in between, good looks is only a small part of what goes into the best golf tees.