The Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Best Senior Golf Balls

If you are progressing into your senior years, it might be time to switch to a different golf ball. If you’ve noticed you are not as quick with your swing as you used to be, swapping to different clubs might be your first thought. However, swapping to a different golf ball might be the missing piece of the puzzle. In this article, we take a look at some of the best golf balls for seniors.

The best golf balls for seniors

One thing you’ll soon realize when you take up golf is that your needs change throughout your playing time. Choosing a ball suited to you can definitely play a role in improving your chances every time you step onto the course.

We’ve considered a large range of golf balls to unearth the ones that are recommended below. You’ll notice there are similarities between them, with several features recommended for senior golfers. Our highlights include affordable and long-lasting designs that could improve your game as you head into your senior years.

Below is a list of the best golf balls for senior golfers that will keep you going for years.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

This smart set of a dozen golf balls is available in white, yellow, and pink. Offering incredible distance and a consistent flight path from the tee, the balls have a powerful trajectory to help you get further down the fairway on every shot.

With a super-soft feel, they are also ideal for your short game, offering great control when on the green. Constructed with a thinner urethane cover, they provide greater speed without the loss of control or spin. The general consensus is that these are one of the best golf balls around. With their popularity on tour as well as among weekend golfers it’s easy to see why.

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Ball

Callaway can always be relied upon to deliver a superb quality golf ball. Here, in the Chrome Soft set of a dozen balls, they’ve come up with an ultra-soft feel that is perfect for seniors. This ball helps you achieve fast speeds and a lower spin off the driver. They are also very forgiving, making it the ideal ball to choose when you need greater accuracy every time. When you get down to the green, you can experience the superb control the ball composition gives you. The four-piece construction is completed with a soft urethane cover.

Titleist AVX Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Another Titleist offering, this set of AVX golf balls provides seniors with premium scoring control. The dimpled design offers larger shallower dimples for less resistance as they fly down the course. The incredibly soft feel and design combine to help the player achieve remarkable distance with their long game. This also contributes to a more penetrating flight path. It also has a flexible casing to help reduce spin, with a GRN41 cast thermoset urethane cover for a durable finish. All the elements you need rolled into one powerful ball with a truly impressive aerodynamic performance.

Srixon AD333 Golf Balls (12-Pack)

This Srixon pick is perfect as a budget option. That said, don’t be fooled into thinking the balls are substandard – far from it. They offer a highly resilient and long-lasting cover, made from a combination of rabalon hr+ and pana-tetra. An improved core design ensures the launch of each ball is more powerful than ever. The design also gives reduced drag on every shot, so you can enjoy a better trajectory and better control over the distance you achieve. The inner workings of the ball also give you better feel and control around the green.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Choose from regular white or a selection of brighter colors when you purchase a dozen of these Vice Pro Plus golf balls. Offering better distance than ever before, the flight trajectory is kept lower to help each shot go further. The thin cast urethane coating is spotted with 336 dimples to provide a durable and reliable design. Each ball also has a dual casing, which means you can look forward to covering greater distances and keeping the ball lower each time. Extremely soft and appealing for seniors, the ball also grabs the green more readily to give better control there too.

Buying Golf Balls for Senior Players

Buying Senior Golf Balls
With age comes experience, right? That is true if you’re getting older and you’ve been playing golf for many years. You’d expect your handicap to improve, and it often does.

Of course, we all slow down a little as we get older. Everyone who plays any kind of sport knows this. Staying fit helps, but you’re going to lose speed as you age. Your swing simply won’t be as fast as it used to be, no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

When this happens, it’s worth changing the golf balls you’re using. They’ve no doubt served you well, but if you change now, you can regain some of the speed you’ve lost.

What should you look for in golf balls designed for senior golfers?

Young players find it much easier to achieve a good distance with their swing. As that changes, it becomes vital for you to choose a golf ball that makes it easier to achieve the following things:

• A longer distance with every swing
• Better ball control

A softer ball is often the answer, allowing the player to get the ball further down the fairway from the tee. That softness also means you’ll have better control when you get to the green and you’re playing softer shots to finish the hole.

Switch to a low compression golf ball

Compression is another important element to think about. When your swing speed ranks at 90mph or above, a higher compression ball is going to be the ideal choice. But as your speed starts to drop, so should the compression that is offered by that ball. We advise looking for compression rates of 80 or perhaps even 70.

Do dimples matter?

Dimples aren’t just for appearances. You likely know about wind resistance and how to make sure something travels through the air with as little resistance as possible. If you are using golf balls with lots of deep-set dimples on them, switch to ones with fewer dimples that do not sink as deeply into the ball. This design offers less resistance and makes it easier for the ball to travel further through the air.

Should you think about color or finish?

A lot depends on your eyesight and what conditions you tend to play golf in. As they age, some people find their eyesight in low light isn’t as good as it used to be. If you play golf under these conditions, you might want to consider switching your white golf balls to colored ones. Some brands provide a metallic option that is easier to see in tricky conditions.

This element is something that won’t affect every golfer, but it is something worth thinking about.

What about longevity?

Softer golf balls sometimes aren’t as long lasting as their harder counterparts. That said, the best manufacturers try to provide a cover that can withstand the rigors of a round of golf. A surlyn cover is going to give you better control over the ball, and it lasts longer too. As a bonus, it also tends to do well through the air. For seniors, that is the ideal combination.

Longevity is important if you play golf often. Shelling out for new golf balls every week can get expensive, so it makes sense to get the right balance of features in a ball you can trust to get you through at least one round.

You can see that some aspects of senior golf balls are down to the individual, such as color and visibility. Others are non-negotiable as you come to terms with a slower swing speed.


The humble golf ball has a bigger role to play in your game than you’d think. If you’ve noticed your speed has dropped, switching to one of the above suggestions could make up the difference you’ve lost. Several options do have colored alternatives to consider if that is important to you. However, design has clearly been top of the list for all these manufacturers.

Each ball is designed to achieve greater distance, a better feel for you, and a more controlled shot each time too. Whether you are on the tee or aiming for one final shot on the green, choosing a ball that is ideal for senior golfers is going to make a big difference. We recommend reading this guide to choosing a golf ball that should help golfers of all ages.