The Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

Best Golf Ball For High Handicapper

Every golfer wants to bring down their handicap as much as they can. While choosing the best golf clubs and putting in regular practice help, it’s possible to improve by switching golf balls too. That’s what this article is about – choosing golf balls to help reduce your handicap. We’ve researched the features you need to look for and selected the best golf balls for high handicappers on the market today. Could one of the following suggestions help you drop your score to a more respectable level? Let’s find out.

The Callaway Chrome Soft is the best golf ball for high handicappers, this is due to its premium quality and feel combined with its affordable price tag.

The Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

Further down this page, we’ve created a handy guide that highlights the features you should look for when shopping for high handicap golf balls. Many of these features appear throughout our selection of top picks for those playing with a higher handicap. You’ll notice that soft golf balls are the way to go when you want to reduce your handicap, but there are various other features to note as well. The more you know your own strengths and weaknesses, the easier it is to switch to a better golf ball.

Below are the 5 best golf balls for high handicappers.

1. Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Ball

These highly rated Chrome Soft golf balls from Callaway offer fast ball speeds off the driver, coupled with extremely low spin to help keep each shot on target. The ultra-soft touch makes these balls very forgiving for high handicappers. You can also enjoy greater distances no matter which club you are using. Improve your control of the ball from your first shot and reach the green more easily. Once there, these balls also provide you with pinpoint accuracy around the green, thereby giving you the best chance of reducing your handicap over the course.

2. Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Available in several colors and finishes, these Vice Pro Plus golf balls are designed and optimized to improve flight over longer distances. The trajectory is kept low, allowing for greater distances to be achieved. Each ball is comprised of four layers and is finished with a 336-dimple design. The urethane cover slows down the ball upon contact with the ground, giving great control once on the green. Spin is reduced and the lower launch angle provides the best distance for a better handicap. Keep every ball in line when you select the Vice Pro Plus.

3. Srixon Z Star 5 Golf Balls

This popular brand has created the Z Star 5 option for high handicap golfers. Available in pure white or tour yellow, this set of a dozen balls provides four sleeves with three balls apiece. The EGG Core Technology offers lower compression and a softer feel. This guarantees greater distance from the tee. Each ball has 338 dimples on the outside, designed to offer greater aerodynamic conditions. This leads to a better flight path every time, along with greater control. The three-piece construction is finished with a urethane cover, offering better control right up to the green.

4. Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls

Available in green, white, red, or yellow, you can choose your preferred color when you opt for these soft golf balls. The e12 Soft balls take advantage of the Active Acceleration Mantle, offering a construction that improves thrust on each swing and a better velocity too. Bridgestone has included their patented Delta Wing Dimple pattern as well, designed to enhance the aerodynamics and create a smoother flight path. Each ball is made from three layers, offering a softer core that leads to a more forgiving performance with each shot. A higher launch also guarantees a better result for slower swing speeds.

5. Srixon AD333 Golf Balls

These Srixon AD333 balls offer a soft yet highly resistant cover, made from a blend of pana-tetra and soft rabalon hr+ components. The core is designed to offer a better launch off the tee every time, while also ensuring a good performance once you reach the green. The ball design offers less drag over other balls, giving you a better and more reliable trajectory. You can also gain control over the distance achieved on each shot, while relying on a straighter flight path each time. Available in a set of one dozen, divided into four sleeves of three balls each.

Buying a Golf Ball for High Handicappers

Buying High Handicapper Golf Ball

The lower your handicap out on the golf course, the better your golfing skills are deemed to be. Of course, it can take a while to improve things. If you’re new to golf, you may not realize your choice of golf ball could help reduce your handicap.

It’s true, though, hence this guide to picking the right golf balls to help high handicappers reduce their score. Skill and experience count for a lot in golf. The longer you play for, the better you’re going to get. However, switching golf balls could generate immediate improvements. Let’s see what you should look for when shopping for these balls.

Go for Soft Feeling Balls

Less experienced players tend to have a slower swing speed than those who have been playing for a while. As such, it makes sense to choose a ball that is going to travel further than your existing one would. This is achievable by opting for soft golf balls rather than harder ones. It’ll travel further even with a slower swing.

These balls also compress far more than their harder counterparts. This makes it easier to get more distance out of each shot.

Choose a Durable Ball

You’re not going to want to play with a new set of balls every time you head out. Some high handicapper golf balls last longer than others, so it is worth reading some reviews to gain an idea of their longevity. Soft balls don’t have the lifespan of harder ones, so it is a good idea to choose ones with the best construction that is proven to last.

Consider Dimple Design

There is no single dimple pattern that is guaranteed to provide the best outcome on every shot. However, brands such as Titleist and Srixon have worked hard to create a dimple pattern that promotes a smooth and consistent flight along the fairway. You’ll notice this feature highlighted on many of the softer balls on the market today.

Choose Multi-Layer Golf Balls

These tend to give you greater control over shorter distances when you reach the green, too. It’s fine to pick a golf ball designed to get you to the green faster and with greater accuracy, but you want to finish the hole as easily as possible too. This is one way you can do so.

Choose Golf Balls Designed for Accuracy

It’s one thing to be able to hit the ball and send it further than before. It’s quite another to make sure your ball stays on the fairway, avoiding all obstacles and the rough on either side. The solution to this problem lies with low-spin golf balls. The greater the spin on your shot, the greater the chance of going off course. By reducing this with a soft ball, you’re going to keep your shots straighter and be able to drive them further.

Can you Achieve the Above with One Golf Ball?

Likely not… but most will cover most of these elements. This means it is important to think about your game, your weaknesses, and the areas you most need assistance with.

For example, if you are accurate but don’t cover the best distances, look for a ball that will provide longer drives. If you can cover the ground but not always in the most accurate manner, look for a ball with less spin on it instead. You get the idea.

Finally, look for a ball for high handicap golfers that is reasonably priced. No sense in spending more than you need to.


It may not seem possible to reduce your handicap simply by switching out your current choice of golf ball for another one. However, we can see that a softer ball with several layers of construction can help you do just that.

When evaluating and comparing different golf balls designed for this purpose, look at your strongest and weakest points. Do you need more distance or more accuracy over the course? Since many golf balls for higher handicappers tend to favor one over the other, one option might prove better than another for you.